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Article Written for the Rutland Town Circle, September 2012

Rutland Town Fire Department
By Michael J. Barron

Since its foundation the Rutland Town Fire Department has only presented to the voters budgets or equipment requests needed to realize its mission to preserve life and property. The Article on the November 6 ballot asking the voters to consider constructing a new Center Rutland Fire Station is presented for that purpose; continuing to accomplish the mission and better serve the public.

The present structure has a long list of deficits that make it functionally obsolete. It is undersized for today’s fire apparatus, limiting our ability to meet future needs. Despite on-going maintenance, the building continues to deteriorate and is in need of costly repairs. The department presently has no adequate training space. The building is energy inefficient and cannot be made efficient cost effectively.

In conjunction with the architectural firm of Black River Design, a committee scrutinized the issue for over four months. The possibility of renovating, with an eye on saving money, was considered. It was determined the savings would be only ten percent and the building would still not meet the needs in the future. An intense process of designing a station that would serve the community well into the future at the least possible expense to the taxpayer was undertaken. The result of that effort is the design of a new station that will require voter approval of a two million dollar bond to bring it to fruition. If authorized, the benefits of the new facility are:

  1. It meets current and future needs of the community.
  2. It will properly house and protect fire equipment and apparatus to insure protection of the community.
  3. It will serve as an evacuation center for the community in times of natural disasters and extended power outages.
  4. It provides for proper training space to further train and develop skills of firefighters, allowing for better protection of the community
  5. It will be a facility allowing for community based functions, services and activities.
  6. It will be an Energy Star building, saving on overall energy costs to the community.
  7. It can be Phase One to help the community revitalize the Route 4 corridor in Center Rutland.

All voters have a right to know their individual cost if the bond is approved. The chart below is provided to assist in calculating that cost.

Estimated investment by taxpayer:     
Assessed value of taxpayer’s property: Avg. investment per year* Avg. investment per Day*
$100,000 $14.72 $0.04
$200,000 $29.44 $0.08
$300,000 $44.16 $0.12
$400,000 $58.88 $0.16
$500,000 $73.60 $0.20
*based on a twenty year bond

The daily cost to each taxpayer will be less than a small cup of coffee. Each of us votes our conscience when we enter the voting booth and we must decide the worth of what is presented. The members of your fire department ask for your consideration of the bond issue for the Center Rutland Station. The facility the bond would provide allows us to better realize our mission to preserve life and property into the future.

If you have any questions regarding emergency preparedness, please call your local fire department.
They are always there to assist you.