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Below is the letter that was mailed to all town residents on February 23, 2012.


            To the Voters of the Town of Rutland,

On Tuesday March 6th, Election Day, you, the voters will be asked to consider a Fire Department ballot item amounting to $9,000.00. If passed, these funds will be used to engage the services of an architecture firm. That firm will be tasked with assessing the condition of the Center Rutland Station and developing a plan to insure its serviceability to the community in the future.
            Unfortunately, there has been a fair amount of inaccurate and misleading information regarding this issue being circulated. The reason for this mailing, paid for by our membership, is to insure that the voters have straightforward facts enabling them to make an informed vote. To date, there has been no determination as to the cost of the project. Cost can not be formulated until the scope of the plan is established. That will be the job of a professional architecture firm.
Specifically, they will be asked to:

  1. Prepare an architectural “program” of all your spaces and area for the new facility.
  2. Prepare an inventory of all equipment that needs to be housed in the new facility.
  3. Prepare a schematic floor plan and exterior elevations that can be approved by the department.
  4. Prepare a preliminary statement of expected construction costs.
  5. Prepare drawings that are suitable for public viewing. Drawings to include; plans, elevations, and perspective of exterior.
  6. Attending public meetings to help explain the project.

The Center Rutland Station is in desperate need of repair and upgrade. The stop gap measures we have been using for some years are no longer able to keep up with the deterioration. We would be throwing good money after bad to continue these temporary measures. A permanent solution is needed. Secondly the department is in need of a training area and equipment maintenance area. Our stations were built forty-five years ago at a time that the buildings were prioritized secondary to what they housed.
Station #2 is energy inefficient. The heating system is original to the building and inefficient. The roof is rotted and leaking. We have patched it every year for years. It is no longer safe to have men up there doing patch work
Our mandatory training requirements seem to expand annually, and at present there is no adequate classroom space to professionally facilitate our year round training. In order to limit expense, we endeavor to maintain and repair as much of the department’s equipment as possible. As need for equipment space has grown, maintenance space has contracted in size. Space is needed to keep up with the demand.
The RTFD is here to serve the community. We are asking your help to insure Rutland Town’s emergency service needs are met well into the new century. If you have any questions concerning this issue please feel free to contact Chief Joe Denardo @ 802-770-0959. We also encourage all voters to attend the pre-town meeting on March 5th at Rutland Town Elementary School. We look forward to answering any questions and appreciate your interest and support regarding this matter.

Chief Joe Denardo
Rutland Town Fire Department